What is Simply Music?

EVERYONE is profoundly musical. When we walk, there is a beat. When we talk, there is a rhythm. 

This unique method helps to unlock our innate musicality and develop creative musicianship using playing-based strategies. Our students start to play great-sounding contemporary, classical, blues, and accompaniment pieces with both hands from the very first lessons.


Our overriding goal is to maximise the likelihood of maintaining music as a lifelong companion. We want our piano students to:


  • play a broad repertoire including classical, popular, blues, jazz and accompaniment

  • experience playing the piano as a natural self-expression

  • have a highly positive, self-affirming learning experience 

  • develop the ability to self-generate and progress independently - including developing a strong foundation in music reading and theory as students move through the programme.

The Simply Music method is a playing-based approach to learning the piano. What does that mean?

It means that we use a multi-sensory approach, employing several learning styles in lessons such as:


  • learning patterns in the fingers before going to the piano (tactile learning)

  • processing song sections on a 'practice pad' with no sound (visual learning)

  • listening for specific elements (aural learning)

  • learning directly at the piano (combination of tactile, visual, and aural learning)  


Our philosophy is that children don't learn to read and write before they speak - the same applies to music! So, we delay learning to read music and use unique concepts to familiarise students with the physicality and joy of playing the piano. By the time we teach music notation, students are already comfortable at the keyboard, with a solid foundation of 30-50 pieces of music across different styles acquired after the first 12-18 months of lessons.

Adding the ability to read music gives the student another way to source music. Because students are not initially processing multiple thoughts at once (i.e. learning to read music from a page and learning the physical skills of piano playing simultaneously), reading music becomes a more natural progression.

Hear Simply Music founder, Neil Moore, talk about how Simply Music began.