We teach creative musicianship through:

  • the Play-a-Story programme for ages 4-6

  • the Simply Music programme for children aged 7 and up 

  • lessons for adults with no prior experience of the piano or who may have a beginner level of knowledge.

At Keys to Joy Piano Studio, learning the piano is fun! Our programmes offer a rich learning experience full of wonderful music across different genres right from the beginner levels including blues and jazz styles. Add to that composition, improvisation, accompaniments, and arrangements and you have all the ingredients to begin developing a well-rounded musician right from a student's first months and years.

Our students build a solid musical foundation, enabling them to develop musical self-expression and have music as a lifelong companion.

If you or your child would like to learn to play the piano and experience the joy of music while doing so, get in touch.


  • Individual lessons - $45.00 per lesson invoiced monthly.

  • Group lessons - $37.50 per lesson invoiced monthly.


Each student requires home materials for each level in the core programme and for each Special or Supplemental programme introduced. These include all audio, video, and digital booklets required to support the learning process at home between lessons. 


Foundation materials are $35 each. Students generally move through 2-3 of these each year. 
Supplemental programmes range from $5-30 and students usually require 1-3 per year. 


Delivery of lessons
Lessons can be conducted in-person or online via Zoom.

How does music affect the brain? Watch this informative video.